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5 Ways to Style Hijabs

by Roshan Kushalvardhan |

 5 ways to wear hijab

There are many ways of wearing a Hijab (headscarf). Be inspired by Kashkha’s beautiful range of Hijabs that is available on line (www.kashkha.com and in-stores) in an array of colours and fabrics to help you coordinate your headwrap with your outfits. Our stylists have put together five great looks that require minimal effort and are ideal for any occasion.

  1. Classic: Those with long hair can tie their lengths into a no-fuss updo before draping the Hijab over the head. Wrap the Hijab around your face, keeping one side longer. Cross the longer end over the shorter end and secure at the top with a pin or magnet.
  1. Voluminous: To achieve this chic look, wrap the Hijab around your face keeping one side longer and securing the shorter end under your chin. Roll the longer part over the head for a layered look and secure from the side with a pin or magnet.
  1. Twisted Turban: To get the Twisted Turban look, place the hijab at the back of your neck with the ends in front. Cross the two ends over each other, then twist them one more time so the end you started with is in the same hand. Tug tightly and secure at the nape of your neck. You may even go for the pre-twisted Hijabs from Kashkha that are super easy to wear.
  1. Over the Shoulder: For a glamorous vibe, fold the Hijab and wrap it over your head before letting the other longer end hang over the shoulder. Having the Hijab fall down the shoulder means you look stylish from all angles.
  1. Tucked In: Embrace this sophisticated look which takes only a few minutes to do. Wrap the Hijab around your face, keeping one side slightly longer than the other before tucking at the nape.

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